After experimenting with cartoon animation as a child, he started making his first abstract experimental films while living in Paris from 1949 to 1959, a period during which he also showed paintings and kinetic sculptures at galleries such as the renowned Galerie Denise René. After highschool and community service in an institution for the mentally ill he went to Marburg to study art, music and media at Phillips Universitaet. One year later he changed to the Städelschule in Frankfurt. There he started working with 16mm film.

He began making performances and films in the UK in 1971, moving to New York in 1973. He has exhibited worldwide in museums and galleries, and is internationally famous for his 'Tree' films such as Trees lying around. For some years a cult figure of postmodern theory, Winkler moved beyond the postmodern discourse from the early 1980s to the present, and has developed a highly idiosyncratic mode of philosophical and cultural analysis. Anton Winkler is currently working in New York and Northwestern Connecticut.

"geld ist geiler als der tod" - german radio play

"money is hotter than death" is the first episode of a series of short radioplays
the idea was long term abandoned because of winklers anger and frustration. by the time in 1969 fassbinder adopted the script and cruelly called it 'love is colder than death'.
fassbinder never mentioned the initial version by winkler although the ideas for 'liebe ist kälter als der tod' (the original title) are almost entirely taken from winklers script. foremost because of winklers pride he never claimed his legal rights. winkler is revisiting the early concepts together with the artist herr pieme.

"burroughs box" - hacked hardware shop

Hacking the soundsystem of a local hardware dealer. The Burroughs-Box was secretly deployed in the store. It could broadcast for approx. 8 minutes before being reveiled and dispatched.

anthropo-seen trees

In anthropo-seen trees Anton Winkler demonstrates the mastering of the large format. Landscapes become mere material and offer a contemplative space for the audience to explore their own preconceptions of what nature might and might not be. A critical and highly aesthetical reflection on the current environmental concerns of human kind.

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